BSides312 Community Capture the Flag Event

The Community CTF for BSides312 2024

BSides312 Community CTF

Welcome to the BSides312 Community Capture the Flag (CTF) Event for BSides312 2024. This year we are focusing on the community aspect of the BSides community. However, we didn't really have an easy way to create an event around such a concept, so we intentionally misread the brief and just made it based on one of our favorite TV shows, Community.

The purpose of this event is to provide a competitive learning environment for information security and general computing skills. We understand that some people may not have participated in or played a CTF event previously, and we have taken extra steps to assist those newer to these types of events with the first introductory challenges. To assist with this, we have built the first few challenges, in the Intro category, to help and provide more of a guide to get started with our CTF.

Who should play?

Everyone should play. The more people playing and competing, the better the CTF event will be. Whether you only solve and submit 1 flag or get them all, everyone can and should participate.

This is not to say that you need to spend all of your time playing the CTF, there is a larger summit going on and you should make sure to make the most of the summit.

What do you need to play?

Everyone will need to bring their own device to play. We understand that you may only have a company laptop or just a mobile device, but that should not stop you from playing. The challenges are all publically hosted and available anywhere without restrictions.

A large number of the challenges are able to be solved without any specific device/software/tool, meaning that with some time and a little effort you should be able to successfully submit flags.

Please familiarize yourself with the information throughout the pages, located at the top of this page in the navbar, for more information and potentially more...